ITEF -Istanbul International Literature Festival is organized on the initiation of Kalem Agency and by Kalem Kültür Derneği, which is a non-profit foundation, since 2009.

ITEF - Istanbul International Literature Festival is the first and only international literature festival in Turkey. ITEF aims to position literature as a branch of art that addresses a wide audience, and has hosted 467 writers form 48 countries and 124 literature professionals from 32 countries since 2009.

ITEF-Istanbul International Literature Festival organizes more than 80 events each year, under different themes. These events are open to public, free and have a wide spectrum that ranges from conversations to panels, from literature workshops to reading events.

ITEF has hosted writers from foreign countries, who attend Yazarlar Okullarda project, organized togethe with İstanbul Provincial Directorate for National Education, since 2012. This event provides primary school and high school students to meet with writers from Malta, Norway and Lebanon. Therefore, the students encounter a wide cultural spectrum. ITEF stands out to be a meeting point for writers, publishers, agencies, translators, journalists, fund managers, literature festival coordinators and everyone else included in the publishing business. This “meeting point” aspect is clinched by Professional Meetings: Fellowship Program, which is an international program that provides an international platform for writers and publishers to meet with publishers, editors, translators and writers from foreign countries.

The main goal of ITEF is evaluating the publicity and capacity of organization of the international and national professional network, including writers, publishers, translators, literature funds from ministry of culture, non-governmental organizations working in the literature business, municipalities and universities. All in all, ITEF aims to upgrade and perfect its events.